On my last entry I talked about Kari, well now I’m going to talk about Charlie. On my last post my last quote was “for her I truly believe that all dogs go to heaven”. Well Charlie (if you saw the movie you’ll know that the main character’s name is Charlie.) is a rescued dog we saved from the animal center. My mom was completely heartbroken because of Kari’s death; I’m leaving in January to Maryland to continue my second year of college. I don’t want to leave her alone so my dad decided to get her a dog…a company dog, since there is no dog that can replace Kari. So we started searching for a pure breed dog and dogs that can resemble Kari; we searched for Tea-cup yorkies, shitz-zhu, and the dog that resemble the most of Kari was the American Eskimo but all of these breeds are expensive. So I decided to take my mom to the animal center, and there we saw him. At first my mom wasn’t sure because she felt guilty, thinking that she was replacing Kari… tsk tsk tsk (even our vet told her not to feel like that, she was just thinking too much)This puppy was the quietest and when he saw us he pushed his body against the fence so we could pet him, we decided to adopt him. He wasn’t sterilized yet, so they told us to pick him up the next day (by law they need to sterilize a pet before the adoption). That day after we left the animal center, we went to buy him a collar and dog tags and food and, leash; we were discussing what should we name him. I told my mother Baltome, she said too long then I said Balto (the hero dog) again she said it was ugly name; I reminded her of the movie “All dogs go to heaven” and we decided to call him Charlie. Next day we picked him up and he still was a little drugged, they hand it to us like a baby. We took him home he was happy (when the anesthesia wore out); next day he already knew his name. His description when we bought him was:

Age: 2 to 3 months old

Breed: Mixed unknown

Weight: 12 pounds


After a month, living in my house:


Age: 3 to 4 month


Weight: 15 to 20 pounds


We got him fat, but hey his happy and likes to bark (literally he won’t shut up, it’s like he wants to talk), bite us and bites whatever is in his way, jump, and uuu his favorite… break stuff anything he finds on the floor. But he has brought such joy to this house. I started to trained him 2 weeks ago, now he know how to “sit” and “come here” and do his nature call outside. So this is his welcome to this family… hope he can be with my mom for a long time, now im in peace that I won’t leave her alone. Did I mention he looks like “Charlie” from the movies?... Hahaha well Charlie… WELCOME! You in a month have stole our hearts…

Att. Glori Anne

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                                                 About 2 month ago my dog Kari died…. That’s why I haven’t been posting and stuff. Fell in a depression and my mom, she had it worst. Today I decided to make a post about her. Anyways let’s start with Kari. Kari was almost 10 yrs old, she was like a sister...I may not sound sane, but I remember every time I cried she would cuddle with me, and when my mom cried she’ll start to bark at her. My dad left me and my mom like 3 to 4 yrs ago. For us our life were destroyed, my boyfriend left me telling me that he couldn’t handle the emotional pressure... hah!. Any way kari became our best friend and we would talk to her, and she helped us a lot to recover. God she was such an intelligent dog, she hated bath time, if I told her it was bath time she would hide and even try to bite me, if we watch the animal planet, she would look to the screen and if she saw a dog she’ll bark and ran out the room thinking that the dog is in the house. Kari was so spoiled… actually it’s my mom’s fault, if she wanted something we would give it to her, like if we are eating peanuts and she’d ask for some we would give it to her. She slept in my mom’s bed and shell stretch herself while sleeping taking the whole side for herself and even between my mom’s legs( she did the same with me). If she saw a closed door, she’ll scratch the door or just push it till it opens. Every morning my mom would get ready and Kari would follow her around and when my mom would leave for work, she sat at the sofa until the car drives away. Then she’ll come to my room open the door and jumped on my bed; sometimes it annoyed me I admit it, but she didn’t want to be alone like me. When I finally wake up she would follow me around the house, until 3:30 pm. I don’t know how she did this, but every time at 3:30pm she would just sit in front of the door and waited till my mom arrived at 4:30pm. And she greeted everyone so full of sprit… I watched her die, I will never forget that day, i called my mom telling her that Kari wasn’t okay, it was morning and she got out of work early to see if we can make it to the vet (something she rarely do, when my dad left us our debts went higher so she would do overtime and rarely left work) desperate I called my best friend to see if she can make it faster than my mom. They both got late, as I said I watched my dog die and it was the worst thing I had to go through, I don’t even want to talk about it. I cried, I sob and most of the time I bawled until I called my brother to tell him what happen and he told me to calm down before my mom came home. He spokes words of wisdom like all big brothers do, and told me what everyone tells me; to be my mom’s rock, to be her solid ground. (you see when my dad left, he left my mom emotionally unstable so everyone started telling me that I had to be my mom’s rock, so she could recover. I still am my mom’s rock , I never tell her that I’m sad or cry in front of her, I would and will show her a strong person). When my mom arrived home and saw my blooded face, she couldn’t believe her she went to my room and she kneeled in front of Kari and she started crying…no bawling. My friend arrived seconds before her and she hugged me first and she started to cry. Then my mom came back sat in the sofa, I have never seen her devastated since my dad left us. My friend went to my mom and hugged her too, trying to comfort her. My mom said to cover Kari’s body, because she couldn’t see her like that… lifeless. i wrapped Kari in a silk sheet we had and ask my friend to carry her to the family room, my friend decided to leave because it got a little awkward because she couldn’t relate but still she helped a lot. My mom called my dad and he got out early from work too. When he came home his eyes got watery and his earlobe got red… meaning his blood pressure went up ( he has heart problems), he cried for Kari too. Well she was the family dog but she liked my mom better and my mom liked her better… jajaja more than me. My mom decided to bury her in the backyard so she could be with us always. My dad helped us bury her next to the flower bed on my mom’s garden.

 At first when we remebered her would start crying, sometimes we do. But now we just smile while we remember her antics, I believe that she was an angel God send for us, to help us through bad times and protect us. For her I truly believe “that all dogs go to heaven”.



                                                                                                                                                                                                             Att. Glori Anne

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Hi my name is Glorie and im new to this so please, don't get mad at me if i do things wrong. I'm 18 and i do photography.Photography and Music are the most important things in my life... apart from my family. Anyways im into K-pop and J-pop lol. And right now im currently obssed with K-pop. Hope to make friends who share the same interest as me and even learn from others.. Got to run... bye for NOW!